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By matrix - April 23, 2004

Has anyone used IT products on a Lunarpages webhosting space? I have heard really good things about them and am fed up with current host. Their plans look excellent.

Any suggestions for webhosts who are absolutely reliable and, most importantly, have excellent support? (I Tools has set the benchmark in the support department!)

Thank you for any help you can give.
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Re: [matrix] Webhosts: Lunarpages???

By Eric - April 23, 2004

HI matrix,

Thanks for the forum post [:)]. And thanks for your kind words. Just what I like to hear! [cool]

I'm not familiar with Lunarpages, but there's a forum post set up for web hosting provider recommendations. You can check it out here:


I hope this helps. If you have other questions please let me know.
Eric Lau - Product Specialist

Re: [Eric] Webhosts: Lunarpages???

By matrix - April 23, 2004

Thanks, Eric. I did plow through each and every one of those postings before posting myself, but was really looking for specific information about any possible problems I might run into configuring IT products at a Lunarpages site.

I have a number of clients who are delighted with their wonderful AMs, Page Pub, etc, and we can't go back now. [:)]

It's probable that there'd be no problem at all, since Lunarpages supports practically everything; I just didn't want to burn the bridge with previous host before making sure. A lot of work involved.

Thanks for your answer and you deserve everything nice that can be said about your products. My feeling is that Dave set the stage lo those many years ago about the time we purchased our first, RM (now LM), with his incredible patience in going above and beyond to help us customize the listings. It's great to know that philosophy still permeates your approach.

Let me know if you hear anything about Lunarpages, please.

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Re: [matrix] Webhosts: Lunarpages???

By jsi - April 26, 2004

I have been using Lunarpages for a couple of years now and they have been great! I have recently set up listings manager on my site (hosted with them) with no problems. However, I have decided to switch to a different host before I go live with the program because Lunarpages only offers shared servers. I wanted to be able to upgrade to a dedicated server if the site takes off (I like to plan ahead). I have never had any problems with speed or any other major issues with them. I have hosted with microsoft & verio in the past, and Lunar is much superior.

Hope this helps

Re: [jsi] Webhosts: Lunarpages???

By matrix - May 1, 2004

Got an LP account, love it so far, no problem installing and administering AM. BUT...

No published pages, category or article, will display. Keep getting a 403 and have checked and rechecked permission settings on all the files and folders until my eyes are crossed.

The publish, image, and upload directories have been placed outside cgi-bin as I have found previously to be required on other servers, none of which would run those from within cgi-bin.

The pages are built, I can see them in the folders, but cannot be viewed via browsers.

Bet I'm doing something ridiculously wrong[blush], but have never had this problem before and this is my 4th install of wonderful AM. Any hints at all, based on your experience with LunarPages server settings?

Thank you soooooo much!
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Re: [matrix] Webhosts: Lunarpages???

By matrix - May 1, 2004

I meant to say thank you for your input, jsi. It prompted me to make the leap to new webhosting for this client and I'm so happy I did... plan to move all my accounts there, too.

Just wanted to say the problem with displaying published articles is fixed... of course it was permissions! What faked me out was a difference between server configs in how AM performs. In installations for 3 previous sites 777 permissions were not permitted on the servers and 755 or 644 worked through experimentation.

Lunarpages installations can be made with literal adherence to IT's instructions. With the 777 per. where indicated it works perfectly now and installations should be even easier.

I'm loving Lunarpages, AM works flawlessly (as usual) and joy is mine.
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