Disturbingly Familiar Product?

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By eleutheria - April 8, 2004 - edited: April 8, 2004

I may just be paranoid about things in general. But this Russian company's "products" look strangely derivative of Interactive Tools software:


Besides the similar presentation of their "suite" of Article/Realty/Document "Architects", I have looked at the demo of their "Article Architect" program. It appears to be "inspired" by some similar elements from Article Manager, like the login form, parameters for categories and articles as Article Manager (e.g. hidden/pending/visible and the article content options like URL, File, Summary, etc.), and the User levels are obviously the same as Article Manager's Writer, Trusted Writer, Editor, Administrator...

Perhaps they have just borrowed some of Interactive Tools' basic organizational ideas (are those protected?), but I would urge a closer look to make sure they're not somehow borrowing anything else.

Re: [eleutheria] Disturbingly Familiar Product?

By eleutheria - April 8, 2004 - edited: April 8, 2004

And I just noticed another thing:

Their administration script has no page title, which shows up in IE or Mozilla as the full URL. But for whatever reason, Opera is displaying "articlemanager". Don't know where it's pulling that from, but wherever it's coming from it seems like they slipped up.


Re: [eleutheria] Disturbingly Familiar Product?

By itoolssupport - April 8, 2004

Hi eleutheria,

Thanks for pointing this out for us. It certainly looks like it was "inspired" by Article Manager. We will take a look into things [:)]
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