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By netniks - April 6, 2004

A quick question regarding Article Manager licensing.

I have three virtual hosts on the same server, and I may use Article Manager for each website, delivering unique content to each website. Would I need to purchase three licenses in this scenario?

I'm assuming that I'll need Article Manager to live in three different cgi directories in order to deliver unique content. I don't think I'll ever have very much content, but I personally don't want to update the websites, either.

Two of the websites are non-profit, and the third one is a small PR business.

Todd Wheeler

Re: [netniks] Virtual host installation

By Eric - April 6, 2004

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the forum post [:)].

Article Manager license, as well as all our products, operate on a license per site basis. So if you have three distinctly different sites delivering unique content, then you'll require 3 licenses, one for each site.

There are several options that may help you:
  1. If you think you may be able to use more than 3 licenses of Article Manager sometime in the foreseeable future, then purchase a 5-pack volume discount deal and rake in the savings! [cool]
  2. You may want to consider cutting down costs by using Article Manager only on site(s) that update frequently.
  3. You may want to consider using Page Publisher for your non-profit sites, since it's cheaper and offers good editing functionality.

I hope this helps. If you have other questions please let me know.
Eric Lau - Product Specialist