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By jedimatt - March 18, 2004

Is it possible to remove the following data from posted articles:

Matts Article
By Matt
Mar 9, 2004, 09:11

I want to use Article Manager to manage a website where the only postings will come directy from the owner and so these lines are not reqd.



Re: [jedimatt] Remove article posting data, is it possible?

By Eric - March 18, 2004

Hi jedimatt,

Thanks for the forum post [:)].

To remove the date information from article pages, simply do the following:

1. Edit the /templates/article/default.html template file and remove the following placeholder:


2. Save the file, upload it back to the server, replacing the old file.

3. Login to Article Manager, go to Setup Options -> General Tab and click on the Publish All button.

That's it! [:)] If you have other questions please let me know.
Eric Lau - Product Specialist

Re: [Eric] Remove article posting data, is it possible?

By jedimatt - March 19, 2004

Hi Eric,

Thankyou for your quick response.
By removing the placeholder $art_date$ will it remove all three lines or just the date line?