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Last Post: October 13, 2011

Re: [Dave] Damon's Office + 2500 post-it notes

Now that's what I'd call good customer service...your magic must've rubbed off on the big boys @ 3M. Their gift is the perfect postscript.

Keep us, er, posted on the retribution meted out by Damon, will you? :o)

Ilona Meagher
New Media Project Manager
>Keep us, er, posted

heh, we will, don't worry, we will! : ) I have a few things planned myself as well!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Damon's Office + 2500 post-it notes

By rez - October 12, 2011 - edited: October 13, 2011

Pretty funny old post. I was looking for a recent photo of your new office from the street since you moved? I was curious about something. Where did i see that?

was there any specific revenge btw?

edit: ok, found it. it was in the newsletter.

Re: [rez] Damon's Office + 2500 post-it notes

That was a long time ago, but yes, they got me back... At that time our office had a large kitchen separate from the work area, and one day I came in and my desk was missing from my office. There was just an imprint on the floor where it had been.

No one said a word and I searched all around the office until I found it had been moved into the kitchen with everything exactly where I'd left it on the desk, network working, everything!

I even tried it for a few days before I moved it back! Mainly because moving your desk from our side of the office to the other is a lot of work. :)
Dave Edis - Senior Developer