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By cd12 - February 28, 2004

[blush] Hi;

I am somewhat dazzled about your Page Publisher product and I need a wee bit more info in order to purchase it. ( It seems that actual users are thrilled about them, which is a great sign ! )

Background: I have used Dreamweaver, FrontPage, & Contribute ( similar to your product ) software for a few years now. Neverheless, I am looking for an easier to use product for my clients.

[1] How do I Design the initial setup of a (5) page website? ( My programs above or PagePublisher ?

[2] Once the basic design is done & uploaded ( My programs or PagePublisher), how does the client log in and update his website? Do they use Internet Explorer only ?

[3] Under what condition(s) would I want to buy more than (1) license? Do users need the program to update their pages ?

[4] Are there any installation instructions available for a dry run installation -and -or- reading ?

Lastly, it is unusual to see that your Forum reflects decent respectable folks minding their own business and not some wild kids and their wild lingo ! ( OK, I am very old... )

Sorry for the long message.

Thank you for your response.