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By CoachRichard - June 16, 2003

It has been two months since you all have formally addressed us in the forums.

There were quite a lot of talks about pricing, upgrade costs and maintenance agreements recently (Spring). This makes me think that big things are about to happen.

  • Buy Out
  • IPO
  • Vacation

When do we hear more company/product news?

You guys are an outstanding company that has excelled and customer communication, to the point of making me look forward to your monthly announcements just to hear what great things you have done lately. Even to the products that I do not have in my portfolio - yet.

I must say too, that a couple of them I have been waiting to see if there is a major change about to happen.

Not trying to get you of a closet, but just a little reassurance that things are going well for you, as well as us.


Re: [CoachRichard] Unusually Quiet IAT

By Donna - June 16, 2003

Hi Richard!

Thanks for your post. :)

No worries there -- there are no buy outs, IPO's or major vacations on the horizon. In this case, no news simply means... no news. :)

A newsletter is in the works, and will be sent out shortly. :)


Re: [stevec] Unusually Quiet IAT

By Luke - October 17, 2003

Hi stevec,

Good news, we've been working on Listings Manager 2.5 and it was released today! :)

You can find out more about it in the following post here:


If you have any other questions please let me know. [;)]
Luke Holzken
Product Development