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By Theo - May 30, 2003 - edited: April 22, 2004

We are offering a new service that we call "Priority Consulting". It's a catch-all for services that our team can offer with their intimate knowledge of our products, and includes things like template integration, training and mentoring, add-on scripts.

Over the years, we have had a lot of requests (that we have unfortunately had to decline) for this type of service from web developers who have hit a wall in applying our products in advanced ways that stretch the borders of the software. It's a level of service that just isn't possible under our support system - essentially when it gets to the point where it is far more cost effective to purchase services from us than to do it themselves.

This is not a replacement for our free support mechanisms, and we still encourage our customers to be self sufficient as much as possible. We will continue to do for free the things we've always offered as part of our after-sales. We are also not in the web design business, we leave that up to web development companies (like many of you in this community). We see this as an extension of our support infrastructure and part of our core competency - working with our software. We don't want to step on anyone's toes, so we are restricting these activities to our own software and leave full web development services to you.

We offer this at a very affordable rate of $50 an hour (minimum purchase is 4 hours). This pays for a Project Manager, Product Specialist, and/or JavaScript Programmer as dictated by the needs of the project, including direct telephone access to your specialists.

UPDATE: Cliff is now the main point of contact for Priority Consulting. He can be reached at [url ""][/#0000ff][/url], or 604-638-6865.
Theo Wiersma
Project Manager

Re: [Theo] New service: Priority Consulting

By Ian_W - June 1, 2003

Sounds great.

Just one question - I assume that you would be able to give an estimate of the amount of time that a project would take, so that clients would have a fair idea of cost before agreeing to the work.

Would this work then be released for others automatically, or would it be private if requested by the client. Or if automatically private, would it be released to others if requested by the client?

Sounds like another great service from IT.

Re: [Ian_W] New service: Priority Consulting

By itoolssupport - June 2, 2003

Hi Ian,

Thanks for posting [:)]

Before work begins on a project, we would need to assess the time needed to complete the task, so yes, we do give an estimate on the time needed to finish the job.

Any work that is done with templates, would be probably be more specific for that particular client’s project, and in most cases would not apply to other client’s projects. I think that your question would apply to something like an add on script, in which case if the modifications we create are appropriate to users in general, we'd probably release it to everyone in an upcoming release of the software.

I hope that answers your questions Ian, if you need any clarification, please don't hesitate to ask [:)]
Interactivetools - Support

Re: [Theo] New service: Priority Consulting

By Assem - June 3, 2003

Sounds very good[;)]. And I think many people will appreicate that very much.

Re: [tquinlan] New service: Priority Consulting

By Maurice - August 20, 2003

I have been very impressed by the Priority Consulting service. They were prompt, helpful and did an outstanding job. Theo has been great at communicating what he will do, when he will do it and what it will cost. I highly recommend the service.

wel I have been impressed to the first time but the second time they let me down in not having enough time building my wishes when it was a verry easy job for theme.

just wanted to let u also know the down site.


Re: [Maurice] New service: Priority Consulting

By Theo - August 20, 2003

It's regretable we couldn't help you out on that project, Maurice.

To clarify, Maurice had a custom programming project that he discussed with us, but at the moment we aren't doing any custom programming projects such as original software or modifications to the programs themselves.

We still have plenty of resources for priority consulting projects (product integration, template work, advanced search queries, javascripting, etc).

I hope that clears this up. If you have any questions about what is an isn't available, just drop Cliff an email at
Theo Wiersma
Project Manager

Re: [Theo] New service: Priority Consulting

By Maurice - August 20, 2003

I know Theo,

but I just like teasing u guy's I know u would act right away [:)]

u guy's are doing a great job I have no bad things to say about IT.

but only that u should do somthing about the custom jobs [;)]

I personaly think that the things we ask are easy to build and we give all the things we pay for building free for all the users

so we have a great win win situation here (at least I would think so).