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By Susan - July 4, 2003

I need to move a domain on which I have both Article Manager and DocBuilder installed to a new host. I've done some tweaking of the templates and have some data already created using both programs.

Can I make this move by just downloading all the files via FTP and then uploading them to the new host via FTP? Or do I need to have the actual scripts re-installed from scratch?

I'm not the most tech savvy, so if there is a simple solution, please advise. Also, what are the problems to look out for?


Re: [Susan] Moving hosts

By MikeB - July 5, 2003

Hi Susan,

If you just downloaded all of the program files via FTP, and then uploaded them to the new server, all of the paths that the software uses would be incorrect and the software wouldn't run.

The best way to do this would be to install fresh copies of Article Manager and DocBuilder on the new server, and then upload the data files and templates overwriting the default files. The only thing that you will then need to do is make sure all of the paths in your templates are correct. They won't require any changes if relative paths were used, but if absolute paths were used, then they would most likely need to be fixed.

There aren't really any problems that I would say you should look out for... This is a fairly straightforward process if you're familiar with uploading and downloading files via FTP and changing permissions on files. Just be sure to keep a backup of your data files and templates in case.

If you run into any problems, feel free to let me know.

Mike Briggs - Product Specialist

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Re: [Mike R] Moving hosts

By Susan - July 6, 2003

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your replies. I don't understand what you mean by if I "just move the entire installation over to the new server." Would I do this via FTP? If I can avoid a re-install of the software, I would like to, because I've never done an install since you provide the first install free. :)


Re: [Susan] Moving hosts

By Susan - July 6, 2003

I'm actually getting somewhere. :)

I've FTP'd all files, directories, scripts, etc. to the new host. I re-set permissions for Article Manager and everything looks ok. I was able to see all my files as well as log into admin.

For DocBuilder, I've re-set all permissions and I can see my existing public files, but when I go to the admin URL, instead of giving me the log-in screen, it gives me a screen that says "welcome to the DocBuilder installation program." I don't think I want to run this, do I? It would probably overwrite my existing files and do a new install.

I have not yet changed my DNS from my old host to the new, so I'm viewing all files using the IP address. Could that make a difference? Or am I missing some permissions that need to be re-set in order to view the admin log-in? Article Manager seemed to work fine, should DocBuilder be any different?


Re: [Susan] Moving hosts

By deniseb - July 6, 2003

Hi Susan,

Thanks for posting [:)]

Running the installation for DocBuilder won't be a problem. All the installation does is set the values in the setup.dat.cgi file. It will not affect any of the other data files or the published documents.

But of course, you will need to keep those backups handy. I hope alleviates your fears. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to post again. [:)]

Re: [Cliff] Moving hosts

By Fazzer - July 9, 2003

Hi Susan

I recently changed hosts and transferred Article Manager over following the guidelines above all went fine.

Missing instruction I think is:

If you have populated your uploads folder with images, etc.. dont forget to ftp those up from your old server to your new one.