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By mcmurtrey - May 27, 2003


As a Webdeveloper / Webmaster I want to keep my info
& apps I use from my client's. For obvious reasons of
if they knew they wouldn't need me.

So is it possible to set up a demo test site at my server, just like InterActive Tools, letting your clients get a feel for it to sell them on using any of "AIT's" apps?

And I do mean "Just like IAT's" demo pages,
as if it was a clone.

Just a thought.
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to sell fish and he eats steak.”

Re: [mcmurtrey] How to set up your own "IAT" Demo page...

By Donna - May 28, 2003

Hi mcmurtrey!

Thanks for the post. :)

First things first -- you may want to take a look at this page that we have for resellers... cutting you out of the deal in purchasing Article Manager isn't as beneficial for your clients as you might think:

Since our products are aimed at people who have some background experience in the web, there's a lot of benefit for your clients to buy the software through you. :)

In any event, if you want to setup a demo site like ours, there's a line in the config.ini...

demo = 0

Change that to....

demo = 1

...and it will behave like our online demo.

A couple of catches: You still need to have a separate license for this. Since it's one license per installation, and this would be an installation, that's going to cost a bit.

Also, as we discovered, if you have it publically available for anyone on your site to muck around with, be prepared that some users will upload ... well, not necessarily the sort of thing that you'd want on a public website. This is why our demo is setup to create a new copy for every user. (It's also very handy for people who want to demo the software to a committee, and want to pre-populate some of the fields and it'll be available for a month.)

What we usually recommend is that people just redirect their clients to our demos, and if they want to know why you charge more than we do, you point out all the extra customization work that you do for them that we don't offer.

In any event, I hope this helps. :)

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Re: [Donna] How to set up your own "IAT" Demo page...

By Ian_W - June 1, 2003


Would it be possible for IT to have a generic version of the demo for resellers, without all the various IT links, so that resellers could link directly to it within a pop-up window, without the address bar.

As at the moment, the demo includes links to purchase the software through yourselves. This alone would put many resellers off from using your demo.

Re: [mcmurtrey] Multiple Lic.'s?

By Donna - June 6, 2003

Hi there,

I responded to this post here: