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By NetArchitect - November 19, 2002

I'm a web developer and I've got a couple new (and some potential) clients in the Real Estate business. Offering them Realty Manager would save me quite a bit of time.

However, I don't understand the licensing restrictions you place on your software. In the FAQ, you state "we almost always sell our software to developers directly. Our software is made to cater to developers looking for a fast and reliable solution for their clients needs."

But also in the FAQ, you state that your license agreement does not allow modification of the source code! What kind of "developer" are you catering to, anyway?

I know I'd need to make minor modifications to the functionality as clients request them. As I'm not in the business of telling my clients "no", will I have to write my own Realty Manager?

Re: [NetArchitect] Understanding your license

By Dave - November 19, 2002

There's a number of reasons why we don't allow people to modify the source code. One of them is that it prevents us from being able to offer the best possible support when we never really know if the software has been modified or not. Another is that we found in the majority of cases it actually caused more harm than good (people would spend hours trying to make source code changes for things that the software already did anyways).

We've tried to design Realty Manager in such a way that you don't need to modify the source code to customize it around a site. Some of the main points are:

- it works on almost all web servers without any source code modifications at all

- all the HTML is stored in external HTML files, where it can be easily customized

- you can modify the database fields on the listing and homepage database through the "setup options" menu. No database or code changes required. If you want to add a pulldown for "closest school", you can do it in under a minute.

- The search engine can be completely customized (as to what fields it searches on, sort order, etc) in the search engine template file.

- it's easy to link to other sites/programs and pass data in links (we use this to link to yahoo maps from the address)

Most of the things the people want to do are possible with Realty Manager, and for those that aren't you can link to other programs. We even have a database API and some sample code for programmers who want to write addon scripts that manipulate the data files directly.

Most developers who buy our software buy it because of the time/cost benefits, and most clients appreciate that. Realty Manager gives you an affordable foundation where you can get a realty site going in as little as a couple hours. We've even had people buy who knew they were going to be switching to a custom solution later on, because Realty Manager gave them a solution they can use to get their site up right away.

Anyway, hope that helps. If there's anything in particular that you want to do (or think you might need to do at a future point) with Realty Manager feel free to post and we'd be happy to give you some suggestions on how to do it.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer