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By Maurice - February 25, 2003

Hi IT team,

just a small Q: what forum aps are u using here?

I like it.



Re: [Benjamin] about this forum

By Lionel - February 28, 2003

Gossamers products are way overpriced.

Re: [Lionel] about this forum

By Dave - February 28, 2003

>Gossamers products are way overpriced.

Well.. I don't know about the other products, but for us, Gossamer Forum for $200 seemed like a good deal. It would have taken us way longer to code something ourselves and it's always nice to have someone else to complain to when things don't work. : ) Especially someone who you've paid money to, as they're much more obliged to help you.
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Re: [Dave] about this forum

By Lionel - February 28, 2003

Don't get me wrong. Their products are good. Just overpriced. And it must feel good to change shoes once in a while and have someone to complain to...[tongue]

Re: [Dave] about this forum

By Gordy - March 1, 2003

Yeah, it's not a bad forum, although I tend to like PHPBB for a free one or vBulletin for a pay forum.

Having said though, a lot of it might just be familiarity - there are a lot of good forums around now, all offering similar features and functionality.

Has interactivetools considered adding one to their product list (perhaps one thar integrates semlessly with AM)? Just curious.
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Re: [Hugh de Payen] about this forum

By Dave - March 1, 2003

We've thought about making a forum, especially when we come up with ideas we'd like to see added to the forum... : ) But seeing as there is so many other free and paid forums out there it's not very high on our list. That's not to say we wouldn't like to, we have all kinds of neat ideas for one... We just have to think about what products will sell and make enough money for us to make more products.. : )
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] about this forum

By Lionel - March 2, 2003

my opinion? Vbulletin is the most popular and powerful forum out there. If you guys make AM fully compatible with it, you'll have hundreds of thousands of potential customers. I have seen a lot of people ride on vbulletin's crowd. (In fact, I am sure that goforum.cgi interfaced with vbulletin gave you some clents)

Product Loyalty Would Sell It Alone....

By mcmurtrey - June 6, 2003

I agree with Lionel,
If I.A.T.'s had their own ver. of a forum that
plugged into their products, they'd already have a market
with their own customers.

The seamless integration alone would sell it.
And I can think of no other who offers better support

Just my 2 cents...- DM[:)]
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