Where do i get free News?

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By cartess3 - December 21, 2002

I got the News Manager program and I'm creating a community based website for my local city to charge local businesses advertising fees to post banners on my site: http://www.cartersvillemarketplace.com/classifieds.php don't mind the homepage as i'm currently developing that. I bought the program so that i can post news to my site to get people coming to my site within the community. So instead of using regular news, I want to use the type of News for where dumb people do dumb things, or weird news, such as 7 year old boy picked up for stealing his 2nd car... I found some sources, but one thing i find is they only allow you to post their headlines and may 1 or 2 paragraphs and the rest has to link back to their page, i find this to be the same for the regular news sources also. Is there a way around this whereas i can post the entire articles on my site legally, i hate to link to external websites???


Re: [Luke] Where do i get free News?

By DataDork - January 1, 2003

OK, here is a link I use to get my daily ration of "Weird". Go to http://www.rotten.com, then click on "Today's Rotten News".

I hope this helps!

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