Where do i get free News?

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Re: [cartess3] Where do i get free News?

By Luke - December 31, 2002

Hi Cartess,

I'm not too sure where to find free 'weird' news like this, but a great place to start your search would be on google.com. While there used to be many free news sources available on the net, many of them now charge for their services. The good news is there should still be quite a few free news services out there, of course, finding the exact type of news you want is the tricky bit. :)

Anybody else have any suggestions?
Luke Holzken
Product Development

Re: [Luke] Where do i get free News?

By DataDork - January 1, 2003

OK, here is a link I use to get my daily ration of "Weird". Go to http://www.rotten.com, then click on "Today's Rotten News".

I hope this helps!

James Edmonds
James Edmonds
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