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By NetArchitect - November 19, 2002

I'm a web developer and I've got a couple new (and some potential) clients in the Real Estate business. Offering them Realty Manager would save me quite a bit of time.

However, I don't understand the licensing restrictions you place on your software. In the FAQ, you state "we almost always sell our software to developers directly. Our software is made to cater to developers looking for a fast and reliable solution for their clients needs."

But also in the FAQ, you state that your license agreement does not allow modification of the source code! What kind of "developer" are you catering to, anyway?

I know I'd need to make minor modifications to the functionality as clients request them. As I'm not in the business of telling my clients "no", will I have to write my own Realty Manager?

customised version for job manager

By albert teo - March 16, 2003

hi dave

understand that somebody has customized "Realty Manager" for the employment agency industry

what i need

- allow my clients to post their jobs directly pending my approval for submission. Have some flexibility in allowing most trusted to do so directly without going thru approval

- restrict them from publishing their own company's name

- allow responses to come back to my company

understand that Job Manager is not able to do that as well as RM.

could you point me to the company who has done just that with RM

like to get in touch with him