Interactivetools: A rare breed

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By Fred - October 31, 2002

I'm compelled to write this because I have no idea how the IT folks can charge so little for a product that does so much.

I work for a company that wallowed for years publishing without a CMS. Cycle-time for an Intranet department website would be months. Our programmers were swamped.

Since we deployed Article Manager two months ago, we've put out more than 10 new sites. Our employees love the fact they can update their own pages without breaking anything (most of the time.)

The customer service is very responsive. The company has just the right blend of confidence in their product and willingness to listen to our suggestions. I have yet to have the program "lock up" or fail in any way.

In this world of corporate arrogance, where companies often forget who is paying whom, interactivetools stands out-- and should be supported. I encourage you to spread the word.

Thanks again for a great product.


Re: [Fred] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By (Deleted User) - October 31, 2002

Wow, thanks a lot for that. It's great to hear our software is making a big difference. Mind if I use this in our testimonials section?

And yes please... spread the word... that would help too. :-)

Re: [Fred] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By Amaranta - November 1, 2002


I have to agree with you. We have purchased two products in the last week and will be ordering another two in the next few days. We are delighted with the product and the way the support team answer my dumb questions promptly!

Re: [Fred] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By Gordy - January 1, 2003

I tend to agree with the praise of As a Software Project Manager I'm constantly dealing with third party software (and TV) companies, and it is quite staggering how many just don't build a decent relationship with the customer and lose business because of it.

Before buying Article Manager, the first thing I did was lurk around the forum for a while and I was impressed with the friendly, responsive relationship that develop with their customers through this forum (and, I have no doubt, on a one-to-one basis too).

A good product (which Article Manager is) is only half the battle. Nothing is more useful in business than a 'word of mouth' recommendation and that is gained more from the customer relationship than from the product itself.

Keep up the good work.
Regards, Hosting & Stuff

Re: [Gordy,Donna] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By theinformer - August 3, 2003

We would never have bought Article Manager if it wasn't for the excellent staff at who gave us (and still are) support. They are extremely well manned, a great laugh and a pleasure to talk to and that is EXACTLY what you need in a business.

Good communication is the key to success in anything in life, especially in business. And have mastered this art. It puts every other internet business to shame.

In fact I'm so impressed that we should clone their staff and deploy them across the world! [;)]
Michael Wilkinson
Check out our website at - the website for the official student newspaper of Westhoughton High School.

Re: [Fred] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By kathy - August 19, 2003

I'd like to add another testimonial to this thread. We are a nonprofit educational organization with no technical staff and a miniscule tech budget. We got the suggestion to purchase Article Manager from NPowerMichigan, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help other nonprofits integrate technology into their daily operations. (And their recommendation is a testimonial in itself.)

NPower installed the Article Manager software for us, customized it for our site, and taught us how to use it. Within a month, we were able to manage our own website--something that we had thought would be impossible for us.

We appreciate the software itself, which is phenomenal, but even more we appreciate the patience of the tech support people at Both Donna and Mike R. have helped us sort out various problems, all of which are problems that only the technology-challenged would have. Their willingness to help us out, and the respectful attitude they've shown towards the unsophisticated end-user, has been the most satisfying part of the Article Manager experience.

Many thanks.

Re: [kathy] Interactivetools: A rare breed

By glenschild - October 1, 2003

Got to add my thoughts here.

I have been looking for longer than I can remember to find the feature set that is present in Article Manager and took the plunge yesterday. Within 1 hour of the office opening the free install on my site was done.


In this day and age when it seems most companies want to take your money and run, the attention to detail here is outstanding. As a newbie I have some questions and will post them in the appropriate place and I have no doubt they will be dealt with in the same why that I have been dealt with so far. In a professional manner that many many other companies could learn from.

Glen Schild