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Any chance we could have a links page somewhere on your site so that WE can add URLs of sites we create with your software. That way, everyone would have one place to go to get some idea of what is possible with the particular package. One suggestion though would be not to put RM together with AM since, although there is reason from the technical prospective, there is little to no reason for a realtor to wade through dozens of car sites or vice versa.

Just my $0.2c.


Terence Milbourn

Re: [terencem] Links page?

By Damon - October 15, 2002

Hi Terence,

We have a featured clients page for each product with links to sites that are using the software.

For example, here is links to the Featured Client pages for Article Manager, Realty Manager and Auto Manager.

If you have any URLs of sites you have developed using one of our software products, submit them to our webmaster .
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