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By Amaranta - October 13, 2002

Hello from a complete newbie who just found Interactive Tools! I'm very impressed and looking forward to using them.

I'm not remotely teckie so I hope you guys won't mind me asking some dumb questions - I have many!

First one - can more than one of these fantastic tools be installed on the same website? For example, can the same site have both Article Manager and Page Publisher?


Re: [Amaranta] Hello + dumb question!

By (Deleted User) - October 14, 2002 - edited: October 14, 2002

Hi, you can absolutely run different interactivetools.com software on the same server. You should talk to one of us before actually purchasing because some of them are designed to modify the same kind of files, but in different ways.

For example, I wouldn't have Article Manager and Page Publisher managing the same documents. You can use Article Manager for the dynamic parts of a site where you need to create new documents, and then Page Publisher for the static parts.

You can remove any mention of Article Manager from your html code, so nobody needs to know what you're using.

Re: [Fraser] Hello + dumb question!

By Amaranta - October 14, 2002

Thanks Fraser, sounds good. [;)]

Another question. When using Article Manager, is there a limit to the number of categories?