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By thankful - August 29, 2002

I'm a first time user, and I just put two sites up using Article Manager. Wonderful product. I think I've another one sold already. I did need some help from the forum because I ain't that technical, but help was right on the money. Great follow-up, and I didn't feel like a pest (I may have been one just a bit with my stupid questions, but wasn't treated like one!). I was able to modify the templates, add SSI's that work on new pages, and provide a really solid, functional website for my customers. FYI: and

I'm pretty excited. I don't know how to do the perl thing or other database driven sites, and passed on a lot of opportunities in the past. A few tips for those on unix: don't use relative links for graphics and links. If you change directory structure to tidy up the file layout, use virtual instead of file in your SSI, and do use a relative link (../). Finally, my ISP only parses files with .s[/#ff0000]html, and I had trouble setting up SSI on new pages with just .html extensions until that was discovered. Last, grab all the .css files and make them an external link. A lot easier to make global changes to these things, instead of having to change each page (and, don't use a relative link to the .css file!).

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Re: [thankful] Two sites up in three days!

By MalaK_3araby - August 29, 2002

Good Job.

Wishing you all the best and more business :)

Thankful .. wanna tell us the story of using an external CSS in details? i mean, please :)

Thanks for the
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Re: [thankful] Two sites up in three days!

By (Deleted User) - August 29, 2002

That's great feedback Thankful. Mind if I steal your comments for our reviews page? :-)

Re: [Fraser] Two sites up in three days!

By thankful - August 29, 2002 - edited: August 29, 2002

Yes--er, no--I don't mind, use them with my blessings! I meant every word.