Two sites up in three days!

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By thankful - August 29, 2002

I'm a first time user, and I just put two sites up using Article Manager. Wonderful product. I think I've another one sold already. I did need some help from the forum because I ain't that technical, but help was right on the money. Great follow-up, and I didn't feel like a pest (I may have been one just a bit with my stupid questions, but wasn't treated like one!). I was able to modify the templates, add SSI's that work on new pages, and provide a really solid, functional website for my customers. FYI: and

I'm pretty excited. I don't know how to do the perl thing or other database driven sites, and passed on a lot of opportunities in the past. A few tips for those on unix: don't use relative links for graphics and links. If you change directory structure to tidy up the file layout, use virtual instead of file in your SSI, and do use a relative link (../). Finally, my ISP only parses files with .s[/#ff0000]html, and I had trouble setting up SSI on new pages with just .html extensions until that was discovered. Last, grab all the .css files and make them an external link. A lot easier to make global changes to these things, instead of having to change each page (and, don't use a relative link to the .css file!).

Happy dude in NC...

Re: [MalaK_3araby] Two sites up in three days!

By thankful - August 29, 2002


1. Create a stylesheet file: In the header of the templates, cut everything from <style type="text/css"><!-- [/#008040]all the way down to --></style>[/#008040] That is the style information. Paste this into a blank page using notepad (or some text based editor), and name the file: filename.css The extension .css is the important part, name it whatever.

2. FTP this file to your site.

3. If you put this file in the root of your website, add into your header the following: <link rel="stylesheet" href="[/#008040][url "file:///C%7C/Scarlet%20Thread/templates/artman.css"]URL/filename.css[/#008040][/url]">[/#008040] The URL should be hardcoded, not relative (../). If you put it in a folder, just make sure you have the right reference (ie, if you put it in the folder "artman" it would be: <link rel="stylesheet" href="[/#008040][url "file:///C%7C/Scarlet%20Thread/templates/artman.css"]URL/artman/filename.css[/#008040][/url]">[/#008040]

4. In all your other templates, just cut out the section in step 1 from them, and place the call from step 3 in its place.

Now, when you make a style change to this file (filename.css), all of your templates will change. That is, after you FTP the revised file out to your website.

Note: If you are using a WYSIWIG for your HTML, it won't like that (it can't write changes to a file out on the web, and might not read them from your working view), so while you are making changes, add the file to your header however your WYSIWIG would do it, but before saving and sending your template out to your site, change the href to: <link rel="stylesheet" href="URL/filename.css">

Hope that helps!

Re: [thankful] Two sites up in three days!

By (Deleted User) - August 29, 2002

That's great feedback Thankful. Mind if I steal your comments for our reviews page? :-)

Re: [Fraser] Two sites up in three days!

By thankful - August 29, 2002 - edited: August 29, 2002

Yes--er, no--I don't mind, use them with my blessings! I meant every word.