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By Dave - July 23, 2002

For our next major release, we're looking at redoing the layout of the software manuals. What would you like to see most? Online HTML? Downloadable? PDF? Spiral bound printed copy for $10 more and mailed to you? Included in price?

Let me know what kind of manuals you'd like and what would be easiest for you. Also, if you have any thoughts on the current docs feel free to share those as well.
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Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By cdunivan - July 24, 2002

I think PDF is by far the best way to go. I can save the Administrator's Manual and the Installation Guide, or print them if I need a hard copy, and I can send the Users' Guide to all the writers and editors for the site. If a revised copy is published, you can notify the licensees by e-mail to download it.

Chris Dunivan

Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By osluk - July 27, 2002

Online for convenience and PDF for printing is what we use. If the unbranded thing is to be taken to its natural conclusion core pdf files could be included in a manual for the customers / clients of resellers.

We have a bit on general image manipulation and various bits that relate to the users dialup or connection and maybe file and data structure present in the organisation.

Many aspects are common to all products. We then have a mix and match process to create the perfect user manual for the particular client.
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Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By MalaK_3araby - July 27, 2002

Hi there.

PDF is great, but its not enough.

Included/Downloadable HTML is needed since it could be translated to other languages.

I Also enourage you to ask members to provide thier translations and provide it as downloadable files in a Member's Area.

HTML should be available and that can always be easily updates and converted to PDF .. i belive tools to do that are available on the net.

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Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By chris nz - August 2, 2002

Online and PDF are the only ones really used here.


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By terrill - August 12, 2002

If you do PDF, please leave them unlocked so users can add their own notes. Think of the PDF as a Textbook in school: wouldn't you have just hated it if you couldn't add your own scribbles in the gutters? Especially during an "Open Book" test! <G>

One example that comes to mind is "The Complete Oracle." Great book. PDF sure is easier to lug through an Airport than the thick Dead-Tree Version. Too bad I can't put my notes in the PDF!
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Re: [terrill] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By MAGSGQ - August 18, 2002

Hard cover. I have always loved to have a manual on my bookcase or in my credenza for easy access....especially seeing how I have to have too many windows going at once.

Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By joa1 - August 21, 2002

Hi Dave,

Printed manuals are my preference, *but* with a PDF online, that is updated regularly when needed... And keep the HTML version on the website also. If I am working from another loccation and just need to peek quickly at the manual, both printed and PDF will be by my PC on my desk, and I don't want to download a new PDF just for a quick look at something.

Even if you do not sell the hardcopy, the PDF can always be printed and bound and allows for quick updates of the hardcopy - it would be nice if udates are referenced (pages xyz were changed... Easy tracking and replacement of hardcopy individual pages would be quick.)



Re: [Dave] Software Manual - How do you want it

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By Moira - October 18, 2002

I prefer online and/or PDF. It isn't cost efficient to print hardcopy manuals in my opinion