Is this legal?

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By elan - June 8, 2002

These people have up for sale all of your products -- with jacked up prices! I see no where about how this is yours.

Have you given them permission to do this?


Re: [elan] Is this legal?

By Dave - June 9, 2002

A lot of web developers resell our products to their own clients. Often they'll charge a little more and include value added services in the "package" such as template design, website integration, onsite training, etc.

We actually encourage this because we don't focus on selling our products to end-users at all. End users (website owners) need all sorts of other services (design, training, ecommerce advice) that we don't provide. So by working with web developers and having them resell our products to their clients we can do what we do best (making software) and let the web designers do what they do best (everything else that's required to bring a website together).

Now, in all honesty, we do recommend that people be straightforward about the origins of the software, and what the customer is paying for. Only because it leads to less chance for future misunderstandings.

We actually have a great page here that talks about tips for web developers on billing their clients for our software:

That said, I'm not familiar with the site you mentioned, or what other services (if any) they might be including in their price. They're pretty much free to charge whatever they want though.

PS: Thanks for looking out for us! : )
Dave Edis - Senior Developer