Hi everyone!

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Re: [philm] Hi everyone!

By jBoyd - June 10, 2002

"..all are first class.."

I agree! [:)]

Re: [philm] Hi everyone!

By (Deleted User) - June 10, 2002

Awww. ;-)

Re: [philm] Hi everyone!

By Dave - June 11, 2002

Thanks for the comments! :) And thanks for participating in the forums!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [philm] Hi everyone!

By chris nz - July 10, 2002

and have to add that I found the BEST SUPPORT (most responsive ever!!) in the last 2 years of trying and buying software! And I have bought a few different serious ($1,000 +) softwares, no comparison to the guys here!