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By SoulBligher - June 8, 2002

I`m tring to purchase the program but always my credit card are rejected!!

why it is happening?[unsure]

Re: [SoulBligher] Order

By Dave - June 9, 2002

Probably the best thing to do is contact the order department and ask them (orders@interactivetools.com). They'll have the most information about it and can often give you other options for placing an order.

You can almost always send a money order or bank draft through if there is problems getting the credit card to work.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Order

By SoulBligher - June 9, 2002

Yes, but I’m from Republic of Georgia and it is difficult to me to send money by bank. I have an account in Bank of American and MasterCard please tell me what can I do?

I really need your program and i'm in a harry!!
If I would not start my project in 7 business days they will give it to another!! :(