For example in Cms a multi record section will have 2 text fields:



i want the permalink field to automatically generate this based on the content of those fields in that order.

So the above record would auto create the permalink

I know its possible to define a field as the one used for the permalink but is it possible to dynamically use 2 fields in order?

Hi Zaba, 

Hmm, it doesn't do that by default.  But it does support multiple fields like this :

$GLOBALS['PERMALINKS']['autopopulate_fromFields'] = array('client project'); 

So you could try editing the _permalink_generate_getInputText() function in permalinks.php: 

And replace ' ' with '/' in these two lines: 

    $inputText .= $recordOrRequest[$field] . ' '; // trailing space in case more fields are added
$inputText = rtrim($inputText, ' '); // remove trailing spaces

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer