not sure but just a suggestion??

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By mlc1601 - November 9, 2005

Since I am new here, I am having to look high and low for ideas and how others have set up their sites.

Suggestion have a subcategory in the forums something like "Show Off Your Site" ...maybe just a stupid one but at least they would be all under one roof or sort of :)


Re: [mlc1601] not sure but just a suggestion??

By ross - November 9, 2005

Hi there.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the board!

We have actually had a few different thread going from time to time where people have showcased their sites so there are definitely threads floating around like that.

Instead of have a special forum for these kind of links though, we generally post all the great examples to our featured client pages. Each product on our main page has its own featured clients list. You’ll see the link in a column down the left side of each product page.

If you ever have a great site you wanted to showcase, feel free to post up a link or send it to me at and we’ll get it added to our site.

How does that sound? Let me know if something on a featured client’s site catches your eye. I can explain how it’s setup in the system.

Keep me up to date [:)].
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