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By carminejg3 - August 24, 2005

Hi everyone. Well things are going well and I was looking at some of your products and came up on this page feature.

I noticed that you have a discussion forum update box on the lower right hand side. And since I also use this same forum, I wanted to know did you develop this feature inhouse, or is there somewhere I might be able to get this as well.

Re: [carminejg3] gforum mod

By ross - August 24, 2005

Hi Carmine.

It’s good to hear from you again [:)].

That section of our page is actually displayed with a custom script we built ourselves. It’s more or less built right into the page though, so it isn’t really something I could send out for you.

Has anyone else got something similar to this working? Carmine and I would be really interested in hearing about it [:)].
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