discontinued products forum closed?

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By Carrie - March 5, 2009

Hi there,

I am posting here, as the page publisher forum is closed. We still have a couple of legacy sites using PP.

[font "Calibri"]We are moving a few sites that use Page Publisher 1.25 to another hosting provider, and we are having difficulty with the images directory, and the WYSIWYG editor working on the new server. The CGI directory is one level up from the HTML directory where all the site files are located, and the images folder in the CGI directory is not accessible. We have gone through the online tutorial and checked permissions and everything else suggested.

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[font "Calibri"]Would you mind having a quick look to see what the problem is? [font "Calibri"]We can send login & FTP details in an email.

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[font "Calibri"]Thanks,

Re: [Carrie] discontinued products forum closed?

By Donna - March 5, 2009

Hi Carrie,

You can fill in a support request here: