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Hi all,

I took a look at all the sites made with products by IT, the sites proof that the products from IT are great.

But most sites are not verry creative in design and in the use of your great Application.

It would be a nice idea to hold a IT site award that uses your product in the best way with the best design. this could motivate and give better ideas in how to use your products better.



Re: [Maurice] cool quize, award

By (Deleted User) - September 26, 2002

That's a great idea. I really like that. :-)

Re: [Maurice] cool quize, award

This is surely a good idea .. i'll 2nd that.

I am a lousy designer myself, but i love the idea. [cool]

BTW, maybe we could rename Article Manager Add-ons forum to Article Manager Add-ons & Styling or something like that to allow us to enter any design/styling tips.
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Re: [MalaK_3araby] cool quize, award

I think it would be excellent to have templates, submitted by user and available to others to modify, and take to a next level.

A site of the month would be great - no prizes required - but it would be invaluable for ideas.

Re: [canvey] cool quize, award

By (Deleted User) - September 26, 2002

I think user-submitted templates would be great as well. I'm still mulling over a way we could provide that.

Re: [Fraser] cool quize, award

By Cathy - September 27, 2002


Why not open up a new discussion thread for template designs? Designers could attach the file to their posts or link to their own sites for downloads? Plus, using the forum, the designer could get credit for his/her templates and if someone had a specific question about the template they could contact the designer. Including it in a forum post also gives the opportunity for a brief description of the template or tips/hints on how best to use the template design.
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Re: [Cathy] cool quize, award

By (Deleted User) - September 27, 2002

I like that. I think I'll create a new section called template design, and try to bring everything into there. It's hard to explain... I'll just do it.