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One of the great strengths of cmsB is this forum and the support I often receive from InteractiveTools staff and other members.

Recently I purchased the CMS Builder Cookbook from here: http://thecmsbcookbook.com. It is written by Jerry, a member of this forum (look him up: gkornbluth)

I don't have any connection to him or Interactive Tools - just wanted to share the book as it has been really useful to me.

Thanks for your feedback! 



Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

I have no connection either but feel it is worth a good read. I wanted to print it all out but that was not possible, but all in all it does give you that extra edge in using this specific cms which I can only say I am very expressed with. I use this cms alongside both Dreamweaver and navicat and feel I will be here for some time.

Thanks for your feedback twocans.

We're big fans of both Jerry (gkornbluth in the forums) and his book as well.  We're always thrilled to see people learning more and more with the CMS and the underlying PHP and MySQL languages it's built on and the cookbook is a great resource.

If anyone wants to check out the book it's at: http://thecmsbcookbook.com/

Cheers! :-)

Dave Edis - Senior Developer