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I haven't touched this site in 3+ years.  My client uses it daily to update his class schedules, etc. 

Suddenly today we can not reach admin.php to even attempt to login.

Warning: unlink(/cmsAdmin/data/settings.dat.php.597874aa4e70d8.52616479-temp.php): No such file or directory in /cmsAdmin/lib/common.php on line 235 file_put_contents_atomic: Error renaming over /cmsAdmin/data/settings.dat.php: (at common.php line 357 in function file_put_contents_atomic)

Here's the link http://www.bigironchl.com/cmsAdmin/admin.php

Any ideas where to begin?

Hi wizzle, 

First I'd upgrade to the latest version of CMSB (currently v3.10) if you haven't already.  You can download that here: 

Next, I'd check the permissions on the /data/ folder to make sure they're writable.

Is it a windows or linux server?

Dave Edis - Senior Developer