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Hi all ...

I ideally want to set up my cmsb news pages to have both english and french content text boxes and then to pull these language versions into different french and english html pages.

I would assume in the viewer URLs fields that I would set up the list and detail page urls to the english pages.

I can set this up no problem.

However is there a way of changing the detail page url link in the html french list page so that it links to the french version of the news detail page and doesn't automatically go to the english version (as set up in the viewer url in cmsb)?


Hi Adrian, 

What you can do in that case is not use the detail page url link (which outputs as _link) and instead just direct link to your page.  eg: mypage_fr.php?<?php echo $record['num']; ?>

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Awesome, works a treat thanks.