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By dimeco - February 4, 2010

In the pending articles area, we can obviously select the ones we want to delete, then at the bottom, choose the drop down box to "delete selected" and hit "go".

Is there *ANY* way of adding a "make visible" or approve as well?? If I want to approve, it's one at a time, and then it's a literal 20 minute process for it to go through it's updates EVERY time, which gets rather frustrating and time consuming when I have 2-300 article submissions daily. [crazy]

It's driving me nuts.

Is there *any* way please?? (Publish all takes 3 days so if I can just turn on the new ones in a group rather than individually, I'd be thrilled)


Re: [dimeco] additional function in pending articles

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By Donna - February 4, 2010

Hi Amber,

Nothing by default, but we might be able to write something custom for you? Drop an email to consulting@interactivetools.com if you're interested. :)