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By Kimber - December 10, 2007

[font "Times New Roman"]I have been working over the past years and recently with Interactivetools on few projects and am planning do work on more projects with them and one of the main reason is this company has been “women business owner friendly” which to me and my women’s online business owner groups is very very unbelievable important.

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[font "Times New Roman"]Most of us are work at home women have a real office in our house and usually do this for either taking care of our family, children and elderly family members. Myself, I am slightly disabled and have elderly family who need me to be available to them. Our time as a group is very limited and a job on someone else’s hours is out of the question due to our other responsibilities which we are not willing to give up to have a fancy office or career.

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[font "Times New Roman"]To make a long story short we have a lot of trouble with company treating us like “little silly women” having a home business. “how cute” – They treat us like we do this for an hobby and can’t grasp most of us are actually legal corporation with telecommute employees.

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[font "Times New Roman"]Ask Ross and Mike, I get a bit long winded on my voice message I leave or might need something explained more than once because I am graphic designer (ask me about corel draw and I know it all) however not very good at web design but believe me, because they take the time “I” need that I do tell other women to come to this company. The software is easy to run and I can get what I need done.

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[font "Times New Roman"]Just a women look at what so often is a man’s world

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Re: [Kimber] Women Friend Company

By Donna - December 11, 2007

Hi Kimber!

Thanks for your kind words -- we love hearing this!

As a woman who's worked in IT for over 12 years... I can definitely relate. I still occasionally get mistaken for a receptionist. :) That's one of the things I've always liked about working here... I might be the only woman in the company, but nobody ever assumes I don't know what I'm talking about, just because I'm "the girl". :)

Glad to hear everything is working out for you, let us know if there's anything we can help you with!