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I really don't know which direction to go with this. I've never had it happen before. 

All of my nines are gone. I can't even type on here, but I could in the title. Here's my nine: 9

All I get is a dash!!! What the heck????  Only seems to be happening in Chrome. Some help would be greatly appreciated! 
Is this only happening on my computer??  www.wyomingoutdoorsmen.org

Thanks! Tina

By Dave - February 28, 2019

Hi Tina, 

Can you try checking for Chrome updates, checking for Windows (or mac) updates, rebooting, and then seeing it the problem still occurs? 

Next, does it happen on all sites?  So pressing 9 in Chrome on any site results in another character?  But works in all other applications? 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Thanks Dave! I've never had anything like that happen before in 22 years... crazy.  All of a sudden it just started working again!  Sheesh. Thank you for the reply!!!