Where are you Technical Support?

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By davidg - January 28, 2007

I am disappointed that when I sent an urgent plea for technical support towards the end of last week there has been no response and the australia.coop web site remains basically inaccessible because something has happened with the php in Article Manager 2 and I can't fix and my technical support person is still away. I would have thought even an acknowledgement! My experience with Interactivetools has been terrific and I love the software but for now I am unhappy

Re: [davidg] Where are you Technical Support?

By ross - January 28, 2007

Hi David

Thanks for posting!

We are still here and are always working as fast as we can to get through everything. We notice that the volume does rise a bit as we get to the end of the week but we are here on the weekends too so there is always someone ready to help.

As soon as we have an update, we'll be in touch [:)].
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