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By netniks - April 6, 2004

A quick question regarding Article Manager licensing.

I have three virtual hosts on the same server, and I may use Article Manager for each website, delivering unique content to each website. Would I need to purchase three licenses in this scenario?

I'm assuming that I'll need Article Manager to live in three different cgi directories in order to deliver unique content. I don't think I'll ever have very much content, but I personally don't want to update the websites, either.

Two of the websites are non-profit, and the third one is a small PR business.

Todd Wheeler

Re: [netniks] Virtual host installation

By Eric - April 6, 2004

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the forum post [:)].

Article Manager license, as well as all our products, operate on a license per site basis. So if you have three distinctly different sites delivering unique content, then you'll require 3 licenses, one for each site.

There are several options that may help you:
  1. If you think you may be able to use more than 3 licenses of Article Manager sometime in the foreseeable future, then purchase a 5-pack volume discount deal and rake in the savings! [cool]
  2. You may want to consider cutting down costs by using Article Manager only on site(s) that update frequently.
  3. You may want to consider using Page Publisher for your non-profit sites, since it's cheaper and offers good editing functionality.

I hope this helps. If you have other questions please let me know.
Eric Lau - Product Specialist

Re: [Eric] Virtual host installation

By netniks - April 7, 2004

Thank you for the feedback, Eric.

I surely don't mean to question the value of Article Manager ,... I was just unsure of what the licensing terms were. Actually, I'm looking forward to installing AM on one of my non-profit websites.

My webserver is Mac OS X running the iTools suite from Tenon Intersystems with the latest builds of Apache, PHP, and MySQL. It's pretty convenient for people such as myself who are relatively new to UNIX.

Thanks Again,