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By jedimatt - March 19, 2004

Hi All,

Just been trying out a few things with AM and have to say its one of the better CMS systems that i have tried out.

I am looking to purchase this for a particular website though i am not sure if its going to be the best CMS to use as the site is not a news orientated site.

The site in question is a Hotel website where the owner wants to be able to have full control over the content of the site.

I know AM is more than capable of doing this.

The only big thing that will need changing is the overall site template.

I take it that all i need to do is create the templete in HTML and add the various placeholders for the dynamic content into the html?

Please can i have some feedback from designers that have done this and what they found along the way in regards problems in designing the template and getting it to work with AM.

I am on the verge of making the purchase of AM after i have checked out the server requirments with the hosting company. (I may need you guys to check out the server spec for me)



Re: [jedimatt] Using AM for Hotel site

By Luke - March 19, 2004

Hi Matt,

Thanks for posting! :)

Is the hotel site you're updating going to have lists of articles and headlines? Or are you planning on updating a site with mainly static content? Meaning the hotel site is comprised of already existing HTML pages, and you would like to be able to replace the old text on those pages with new text?

While Article Manager would be prefect for any site where you have a list of headlines, news stories, or articles, if you're planning on updating a website with already existing HTML pages you might want to check out Page Publisher.

Let me know what your exact requirements are, or even better if you could post or email a link to the website I could then better determine which product would best meet your needs. [:)]
Luke Holzken
Product Development

Re: [jedimatt] Using AM for Hotel site

By Maurice - April 22, 2004

hi jedimatt,

I have been using AM for some time now and we are about to release 3 new sites.

They all have static pages combined with dynamic pages both we manage with AM.

Take a look at and (sorry there all dutch)this one is still in devolpment and soon this one will also go online the down side is the image upload and managething we found out that customers find it a big isseu even if we teach them to master it. but for your hotel site AM wouldbe the best deal.