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By csdesign - March 20, 2021


Well, I picked a fine time to take a vacation. Client pointed out that after an SSL install to only the domain www.wyomingoutdoorsmen.org which is a subdomain of webportfolio.com (SSL was dropped for webportfolio.com) that now the upload paths are "non-secure".  The second part is that I have multiple subdomains using the same cmsb admin with their own logins and websites so I can't just change the settings for the entire site. 

I will not have access to the html code after 12pm on 3/20/21 for a full week and the client has their biggest fundraiser of the year coming up so I really need some assistance. I will have access to all of their necessary info to send by email. 

The issue can be seen pretty clearly on this page: https://www.wyomingoutdoorsmen.org/banquet_fundraiser.php

Everything that's been uploaded via cmsb by the client is now considered non-secure and throws an error. All image and file paths under wyomingoutdoorsmen.org (such as the top right logo, etc.) shows fine. The client uploads, such as the "Download a large version of the Banquet Poster (pdf) CLICK HERE!" banner right above the broken images goes to: 

https://www.webportfolio.com/cmsb/uploads/wyooutdoorsmen/wo-banquet-poster-2020-(2).pdf  So, of course it's showing as non-secure because only wyomingoutdoorsmen.org is secure now. 

I did make a copy of the uploads folder "wyooutdoorsmen" and added it directly under the secure wyomingoutdoorsmen directory on the server but I don't know  how to connect the two without breaking the connections with the other websites using the same admin. 

Thanks so much for the immediate help! 


By Dave - March 23, 2021

Hi Tina, 

This is related to how you are linking to the images through the web server.  

It looks like there are two issues.  When looking at this image URL: 

The SSL certificate on that server is invalid and the file doesn't exist.  So what you'd want to do is get the SSL certificate on that hostname working, and then locate what URL the uploaded files can be found at.  Once you have that you can examine the CMSB settings and code in the PHP pages to determine how to update the path.  Either by restoring the above folder and changing the folder in the CMS.

Hope that helps!  Let me know any questions and sorry we didn't catch this one sooner.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer