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By kamwon00 - April 11, 2003


Am using php and mysql to build my content manager. Have seen your article manager and I must admit it is good. What did you use to have that window(user interface) which does not look like a webpage? I would like to have something like that. I need your help.

Re: [kamwon00] The window

By Donna - April 11, 2003

Hi there!

Thanks for your post. :)

Article Manager's interface is actually just plain HTML with the content output via the CGI backend. It was originally designed by one of our developers to have an interface that all computer users would be familiar with. With a combination of tables & images, it would be possible to build a similar interface.

Let me know if you have any further questions. :)



Re: [Donna] The window

By kamwon00 - April 12, 2003

The window is infront of the whole site page and is scrollable which means it is indpendent of the rest of the site page. what exactly is the tag used to bring about this? Is it frames?