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By jimbo - January 8, 2004

To the team at interactivetools

Many thanks for your superb software and fast professional support.

I have been working up a website idea for ~4 years.

I have employed numerous programmers to implement a 'basic' search engine facility.

Having spent thousands of dollars on "*#$%& coders" ... I was no closer to a final product.

Then I found the Search Engine product ...

It has empowered me to implement the site myself.

I am not a programmer, but I do have general HTML and FTP skills.

Within a short period of time, and some basic trial and error, I have successfully created a search engine facility within my own site!

And the best thing is ... it looks like it was specifically designed for my application.

If you have basic web experience and are sick of begging programmers to, "please can you do this" ... I highly recommend that you give any of the interactivetools products a go.

You don't have to spend huge bucks to have a professional site ... just a little perserverance and some great intuitive software.

Thanks again team

Kind regards from Australia

(white belt coder!)