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By Mohaukla - March 3, 2018

I know I am over thinking this but I cannot get an upload to show on my list

The link to the page sorts the list by a particular "type"


Then I have the type list called and the documents themselves called

  list($resource_documentsRecords, $resource_documentsMetaData) = getRecords(array(
    'tableName'   => 'resource_documents',
    'loadUploads' => false,
    'where'       => 'resource_type = '.mysql_escape(@$_REQUEST['type']),
    'allowSearch' => true,
    list($resource_documentstypeRecords, $resource_documentsMetaData) = getRecords(array(
    'tableName'   => 'resource_documents',
    'where'       => 'resource_type = '.mysql_escape(@$_REQUEST['type']),
    'loadUploads' => true,
    'allowSearch' => false,
    'limit'       => '1',

  $resource_documentsRecord = @$resource_documentstypeRecords[0]; // get first record
  if (!$resource_documentsRecord) { dieWith404("Record type not found!"); } // show error message if no record found

My section is looping the document names and inserting the upload link for each document

The loop works to show the names of the documents

But something is breaking the page in the loop when I inject the upload code

<?php foreach ($resource_documentsRecords as $record): ?>
 <?php $uploads = getUploads($options['resource_documents'], 'uploads', $record['num']); ?>
       <ul class="h3">
           <li><?php foreach ($uploads as $upload): ?><a href="<?php echo $uploads['urlPath'] ?>" target="_blank"><?php endforeach ?><?php echo htmlencode($record['title']) ?></a></li>
<?php endforeach ?>

My upload is called 'resource_upload' but I am unable to figure out where that goes into the mix

Thanks for your help 


Michael Moyers

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By Dave - March 6, 2018

Hi Michael, 

Are you using a recent version of CMSB?  If so you can try setting this on the first getRecords() block: 

'loadUploads' => true,

And then copying the code from the code generator for displaying uploads?  We haven't used the getUploads() function in quite a long time.

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer