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By rezolution - June 26, 2007


Which one to buy? I need the functions of both.

Heres my dilemma,
I have a client who has some usual static pages. About us/Contact/Register.
On the main page they wish to have the News feature just like Article Manager.Thats easy.
Now and again they wish to modify the static pages, such as About us with new staff members.

Should I buy both or can Article Manager do what Page Publisher does?



Re: [rezolution] Should I purchase both?

By Jake - June 27, 2007

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting!

If you're looking for a way to easily update the static pages on your client's website, Page Publisher is probably your best bet. You could use Article Manager to update these pages but it would take a fair amount of time to set up which may not be worth it for you.

For your news items, you might want to have a look at News Manager. This might be a better fit for your website than Article Manager if you're only looking to keep one page updated with news items. You can read more about it here:


If you get back to us with some links to the web pages in question, we can provide you with some more pertinent advice. It's probably best if you drop us a line at sales@interactivetools.com for any follow-up correspondence.

I look forward to hearing from you. [:)]
Jake Marvin - Product Specialist

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