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I can see that a post has been added created previously about this regarding the creation of SVG thumbnails in the Admin section but I'm using CMSB 3.10 and am finding that SVG files aren't displayed on the site using the standard code generator code for pulling in images.

Is there a workaround for this as we're trying to write a system which allows users to upload replacement icons which lends itself very well to using SVG.

Thanks, Paul.

Hi Paul.

I use SVG's quite often, and in a number of ways.

  • Simply as image files that I upload via the standard upload fields - which seems to work fine for me? so <img src="XXX.svg" /> etc.
  • I also add text.boxes and enter the SVG as code.  This works well for when I want to be able to apply CSS to the SVG's on the page (animations, mouse-over effects etc)
  • I also have SVG's in the code of my pages, yet include variables that I can edit via the CMS.  This is good for when I need to update in image based on data provided (like a house and land masterplan where I edit classes in the SVG code based on status of the items in CMSB.)

Does that help?


Tim Forrest
Toledoh Enterprises

Thanks for your reply.

You're right, I was using thumbUrlPath to display the image which of course doesn't exist for SVG's.  Changing this to urlPath works.

The image isn't displayed in the CMS admin but that not a major problem.

Regards, Paul.