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By Zicky - November 2, 2017 - edited: November 2, 2017

I have a multi section editor for "Students" and another for "Notes".

Each student is given an ID number.

In the "Students" multi section editor there is a "Related Records" which calls to "Notes" and allows the editor to "Modify, Erase, and Create" new / ongoing "Notes" records and assign the note created to a student.

In "Notes" I have a field type "List" which allows the editor to assign the student's ID Number by selecting the student's name. This works, however the list of students is long and it's a bit of a headache selecting the student from the list of students just to assign the student's ID Number to the Note record being created.

So my question is -

Is it possible to automatically get the "Student's ID Number" (via the related record's click to create a note for a student) at the moment the related record is being created and plug the value of the Student's ID# into the "Notes' Student Name/ID field", so that there is no need to select the student from the dropdown list of students in the "Notes" section? Thereby reducing the amount of effort needed to create a related record in Notes for a Student.

I hope I explained that well.

Thanks, Zicky

Hi Zicky, 

If you click "Create" under your related records section and then look in the URL, there should be a field named "yourtableNum".  If you name your field with that name it should get auto-populated.  

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

That's great Dave!!! Works like a charm!

Hey is it possible to get the record's "Title" field as well using this method? Example "yourtableTitle".

Thanks, Zicky

Hi Zicky, 

There's no easy way to do that.  You could perhaps write a plugin that that checked for yourtableNum in _REQUEST and then populated the values.  

Actually, I ended up writing it for you.  Try this (relatedRecordsFieldPopulator.php): 

Plugin Name: Related Records Field Populator
Description: Populate additional fields when adding records with related records
Version: 1.00
CMS Version Required: 3.11

addAction('record_preedit', function($tableName, $recordNum) {
  $parentTable = 'every_field_multi'; // this is the table with a related records field      
  $childTable  = 'accounts';          // this is the table that gets added to
  // skip unless adding related record to target table
  $parentNumField  = $parentTable . "Num"; // this visible in the url
  $parentRecordNum = isset($_REQUEST[$parentNumField]) ? $_REQUEST[$parentNumField] : '';
  if ($tableName != $childTable || !$parentRecordNum) { return; } 
  // load record
  $parentRecord = mysql_get($parentTable, $_REQUEST[$parentNumField]);
  if (!$parentRecord) { return; } // skip if no parent record

  // pre-populate fields with the same name
  foreach ($parentRecord as $key => $value) {
    if (isset($_REQUEST[$key])) { continue; } // skip if already set
    $_REQUEST[$key] = $value;
  // set some custom fields
  if (!isset($_REQUEST['customChildFieldName'])) { // if not already set
    $_REQUEST['fullname'] = $parentRecord['title'];


// eof

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer