I am an old customer who still uses Listings Manager and hope there is some basic support available.  I have 2 licenses for 2 different websites. Unfortunately, because I have not logged in for so long, I forgot the password. I am not sure how to recover from this.

I even considered starting over from a fresh install but I can't locate the original ZIP package.  While I do have all the files installed on the web server, I am not sure how to start from ground zero due to the fact that all the files are populated and used. How can I get a copy of the clean original ZIP package?  Or can I cobble a clean install from a backup copy?

Thank you.

By Damon - February 12, 2016

Hi Matt,

Just sent you a reply to the support ticket you sent in with instructions to find your password for Listings Manager. 

Reply to that if you have any other questions.


Damon Edis

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