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By felixr - February 24, 2008

Hi folks, just a little question to 'follow the track'
The Global RSS is for ALL the site, but, I would like to give the election to choose at suscribers RSSit JUST to one Category.

Thanks for your help.

We publish a magazine, which we send by
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Re: [felixr] RSS suscription just on selected or just one Category

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By Jake - February 26, 2008

Hi Felix,

You can set up individual RSS feeds for your various categories fairly easily in Article Manager.

What you'd want to do is go to Admin -> Publishing and create a new publishing rule. Use the following settings:

Rule Name: Category RSS Feeds
Rule Type: a list of articles
Template: globalRSS.xml
Placeholder Set Name: categoryRSS

Use "Multiple Files", with this as the filename setting:


Instead of "<ext", enter in "xml". You can enable or disable the "Include articles from subcategories" checkbox at your discretion. Likewise, you can make some adjustments to the "Limit Results" section. You can also adjust the "Category Filter" section if you don't want some categories to have RSS feeds.

Now if you save this rule and publish it, you will have RSS files on your server for each category. You can link to these by using this placeholder on your templates:


Let us know if you need anything else!
Jake Marvin - Product Specialist

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