By AndyM - March 30, 2013

All the way back in 2006 I purchased an installation of good old Article Manager. Since that time it has performed flawlessly with in excess of 20,000 articles/pages published and the java-based news feed used on various other related sites.

Thanks to a pesky Windows update which has this morning taken effect and includes an upgrade to Internet Explorer 10, I’ve run in to an issue with both IE and Firefox.

Now with IE I cannot click in to the summary/content areas at all to add new stuff. In Firefox I can however if seeking to edit an article no text appears – the boxes are blank.

Things to appear to work normally in Chrome and Safari with the ability to add/edit articles unaffected.

Reading through this thread ( it appears I am not alone however I am rather confused about the best way to deal with things.

Whilst Chrome and Safari will still let me add and edit articles I wonder if that might change at some point in the future meaning I’d lose the ability to operate the site.

Reading the aforementioned thread I see various things about downloading and installing upgrades to old versions of Article Manager (I guess I’m on version 1.4 at best – how do I check?) though I don’t appear able to download the updates using my license number.

I’ve read in other threads about TinyMice (?) though that doesn’t seem to be relevant for my old version?

Whilst I appreciate that this is such an old product, I’d be grateful for some help/guidance if possible please.

For example:

How can I upgrade from the (very) old version I have

Does the upgrade to V2 still retain the same page titling conventions/structure of existing articles

Does the java-based news feed still operate in V2 in the same way  

If an upgrade is required/advised – do you offer an installation service