Non delivery of software!

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By richhead - October 31, 2003

It's now more than 24 hours since I paid for my software and there is no sign of its delivery. Anyone explain why? Anyone have similar issues? How are they delivered - as straight attachments? Is it possible my AV software (two layer - one on server and one here) could have disinfected (deleted) it without me noticing?

Is this delay unusual? (I have bought before - AM & RM - but they were a while back and I can't remember whether there was a delay or not)

PLEASE someone help me... I'm sat here waiting for software before I can continue!



Re: [richhead] Non delivery of software!

By Luke - October 31, 2003

Thanks for your post! :)

We actually sent you the Search Engine software on Thursday at 9:58 AM PST (same time zone as Los Angeles). We also received a follow up email from you later in the day letting us know that you hadn't received it so we sent you a follow up email and the software again at 2:10 PM.

Search Engine is sent out as a zip file email attachment. Do you have any filters on your email client? Or possibly some sort of virus protection software that removes any emails that include zip file attachments?

Another possibility is some email accounts have a maximum file size that they're allowed to receive. Search Engine's zip file is pretty small though (under 200 kb).

If you have an alternate email address we can send it there. If you could send us an email to letting us know if you have an alternate email address that would be great.

And in the mean time, if you have any other questions please do let me know. :)
Luke Holzken
Product Development