Non-contact COVID-19 Visitor registrations

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By Toledoh - August 7, 2020

Hi All.

Thought I would pass on a quick project I've had some success with.

In Australia, businesses are having to register every person that visits their venue / restaurant etc as a way of being able to quickly alert people where a COVID case has been in their proximity.  It's quite a drag on staff to write down each visitor as you can imagine.

I set up the following and have rolled it out to a number of existing clients;

- Set up a new section with name / email / phone fields for 4 people, plus additional fields for "dependants" ie. children etc

- Create a registration page using Form Generator to create a web form

- Create a QRC that links to the registration page.  This is printed out and on display for people arriving at the location to quickly visit the form.

- Create a thank you page, displaying the data that person entered  (See: which is shown to staff as confirmation that they've completed the form with appropriate information

- The visits are stored with a time-stamp in CMSB

- CSV download plugin is available to download any data when requested to CSV.

I've got the 2 php pages and the section schemaPreset ini-file, and just upload for each client that needs it.


Tim (